1 - What Can I Achieve with Workspace Designer?

Workspace Designer allows you to quickly build, expand, and customize the ideal interface for every role in the contact center.

2 - What's a Card?

A card is an automation that can be configured to build interactive interfaces and forms to present relevant information to the user: automatically, based on Talkdesk Connections™ executions or user inputs.

3 - Can I Preview the Content of a Card?


4 - What's a Panel?

A Panel is a group of cards with an app-like customized layout. The cards can be built by you. There are also system cards available on the card library. It’s possible to reorder and resize them to your liking.

5 - What's a Canvas?

Canvas are Talkdesk Workspace™ extension points to render panels, based on custom business-logic rules. Through automations, it’s possible to define which panel is rendered for every specific use case.
Canvas are installed-like apps and, as extension points, can be a section of an app, a tab, a secondary area app, or a typical Workspace app, among others.

6 - What are Variables?

Variables are manageable entities that can be used throughout an automation to collect information.

7 - Can I Create Interactive Interfaces?

Yes. You can use the Render View node to write custom JSX to create interactive interfaces.

8 - What are the Most Common Patterns in the Render View Node?

There are four common use cases:

8 - Can I Build Interactive Forms?

Yes. You can use the Render Form node to build interactive forms with a complete set of options like the ability to prefill fields using variables, or default values, or marking them as required.

9 - Which Field Types are Available in the Render Form Node?

  • Text - text input field.
  • Textarea - textarea input field.
  • Checkbox - checkbox that you can mark as checked or unchecked.
    See more here.



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