Contacts Report


The Contacts Report provides an extra level of granularity with details on each contact within an interaction.



An interaction consists of the full activity of communication between agents and callers, and contacts are subsets of an interaction (transfers or fallbacks to different ring groups).


Specify contacts as report type in the Explore API request path: /data/reports/contacts/jobs


Contacts Report metrics

Report Example

Interaction ID,Contact ID,Company Number,Contact Person Number,External Phone Number (Forward),Direction,Contact Type,Started At,Wait Time,Time to Missed,Abandon Time,Short Abandon Time,Time to Voicemail,Ring Time,Connect Time,Answered At,Connected At,Talk Time ,Hard Hold Time,Soft Hold Time,Hold Time,After Call Work Time,Finished At,Duration,Handle Time,Inside Business Hours (Yes / No),Inside Service Level (Yes /No),Within Service Level Threshold (Yes / No),Transfer Out (Yes/No),Transfer Out Type,Transfer In (Yes / No),Transfer In Type,Callback (Yes / No),Ring Groups,User Name,Direct Assignment User,Team Name
875c90da4ec548868123456789ebxpto,3b051d420a3f4ec0987123456789xpto,+00123456789,+01987654321,,IN,Missed,2020-12-02 02:28:34,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,2020-12-02 02:28:34,0,,Yes,No,Yes,No,,No,,No,example,,,


Data and Report Availability

Up to a month of data per request.

The least recent month with available data goes as far back as 13 months.


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