Authenticating Users


Once you have retrieved the authorization URL, the token URL and the client ID for the provided installation ID, you must redirect the user to the appropriate Installation Auth endpoint, as outlined in Talkdesk® OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code.

Once you've retrieved an access token, you are able to get pertinent information about the authenticated user, such as their Talkdesk user ID, by performing a GET request to the users/me endpoint. Using this information, you are able to resolve the Talkdesk user to a user in the partner app.

Authentication vs Authorization


You must not assume that a successful authentication with the Talkdesk Identify services implies authorized access to the partner app.

You might choose to limit which call center users have access to the app. Therefore, you must keep track of which users have been authorized to utilize the app.

Talkdesk provides you with users who have been granted access to the app.installed and app.updated events sent to you.

You can also call the users endpoint at any time to ensure all authorized Talkdesk users are mapped to the app.


If the user still cannot be found, you must surface an error page with pertinent contact information and steps to solve the issue.



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