This section has documentation to help with Talkdesk® data operations:

  • Explore API - requesting and downloading historical data reports.
  • Guardian Cases API - allows access to the list of cases detected while analyzing Talkdesk® platform agents' behavior.
  • Guardian Sessions API - allows to easily access to sessions’ data (login and logout information, used device and authentication method) from the Talkdesk® platform agents.
  • Guardian Users API - provides all the information Guardian has about the users of an account (name, role, ring groups, creation place, user activation, status, and the user's overall call quality).
  • Guardian Call Quality API - provides all the information Guardian has on the users’ call quality from the previous 30 days.
  • Live API - provides real-time metrics and allows creating a tailored dashboard in the Data Visualization tool.


Data Dictionary

Provides details about every data attribute and metric available in Talkdesk.



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