Scopes in Talkdesk APIs grant access to specific endpoints and define read or write permissions for each area.


Adding a Scope

When a scope is added to an OAuth client via Partner Project, it may take a few minutes for the scope to be effective.

The scope won’t be available instantly: a 401 error message is displayed when requesting a token.

Scopes on General Availability

Scopes constrain the endpoints to which you have access, and whether you have read or write access to an endpoint.

The scopes required for each API are also identified on the corresponding API individual page.

Accounts API (information about a Talkdesk account)account:read
Apps API (information about a specific installation of a partner app in a Talkdesk customer's instance)apps:read

Attributes API (allows the configuration of attributes and corresponding proficiency levels for each contact center agent)attributes:read

Bulk Import API (allows creating and updating agents' settings by uploading a CSV file)bulk-imports:read

Callback API (places a caller in a queue without him having to wait on hold)callback:write
Campaign Management API - allows managing call center campaigns (creating and editing campaigns).campaigns:read

Case API - allows the retrieval and management of cases in a Talkdesk instance, making it easy to handle complex customer service interactions.cases-public:write


Contacts API (allows getting and editing a contact's information)contacts:read

Customer Feedback Management (CFM) API (allows you to add feedback survey data to a Talkdesk instance)cfm-public:write
Do Not Call Lists (DNCL) API (allows retrieving, creating, and modifying DNCL for Outbound Dialer)do-not-call-lists:manage
Explore API (provides historical data reports)data-reports:write

Events API (exposes events that happen inside Talkdesk as webhook calls, allowing to subscribe to events around an app's lifecycle)events:write
Fallback Experience API - allows the contact center admin to define the behavior that inbound calls must have when faced with an event that seriously compromises the contact center's capacity for handling inbound calls.continuity-settings-activation:write

Flows API (starts an interaction that executes the published version of a given Studio flow)flows-interactions:start
Guardian Cases API (allows access to the list of cases detected while analyzing Talkdesk platform agents' behavior)guardian-cases:read
Guardian Sessions API (allows to easily access sessions’ data from the Talkdesk platform agents)guardian-session:read
Guardian Users API (provides all the information Guardian has about the users of an account - name, role, ring groups, creation place, user activation, and status)guardian-users:read
Guardian Call Quality API - provides all the information Guardian has on the users’ call quality from the previous 30
Identity Insights API - the Identity Insights API gives you access to a list of identity call information regarding callers’ authentication with voice biometrics and fraud-related insights concerning the caller’s phone number.identity-activity:read
Live API (provides live data in real-time)live-queries:read


Prompts API (allows customers to build automations to manage audio prompts without the need to access the user interface)prompts:write


Phone Validation API (performs a series of phone validations in inbound calls to get device and phone number fraud-related insights)`identity-phone-validation:read
Recordings API (allows recording conversations automatically)recordings:read
Record Lists API (allows the creation, deletion and cataloging of record lists)record-lists:manage
Reporting API (provides historical data reports)reports:write

Ring Groups API (facilitates the ring groups management)ring-groups:read

Simulated Email API - empowers contact persons to send inbound email interactions to contact center agents by submitting web forms.simulated-emails:write
Time Off API (allows importing agents' time-off information)wfm-aion-public:write
Users API (information about users)users:read
Usage-Manage API (information about wallet and bucket configurations)account-wallets:read

Voice Biometrics Opt-In API (allows the opt-in of contacts enrolled in voice biometrics)voicebiometrics-consent:write

Voice Biometrics Opt-Out API (allows the opt-out of contacts enrolled in voice biometrics)voicebiometrics-enroll:write
Webhook Trigger API (allows the connection between Microsoft Power Automate™ and Talkdesk®, by creating a new custom integration powered by Talkdesk Connections™).webhooks-trigger:write




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