FSI Integrations API


The Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) Integrations API, a Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ (FSEC) solution, fetches FSI contacts and their associated accounts, transactions, payments, and cards.

The FSI Integrations API communicates with an external provider which is responsible for integrating with each banking core. The FSI Integrations API is used in the Talkdesk FSI Client Profile app, Talkdesk FSI Payments app, and Virtual Agent apps.

The Talkdesk FSI Client Profile app and Talkdesk FSI Payments app are Talkdesk Workspace™ apps rendered in conversation tabs. The requests to the FSI Integrations API occur when the agent enters the specified tab in the conversation mode. These tabs are just shown and populated in voice (inbound).

The Client Profile app (also known as Client 360) is responsible for showing contact details, and its accounts, payments, transactions, and cards. The payments tab provides all the payment info and gives the possibility to the user to apply some filters, to easily find a specific one.


Banking Workspace

Using Banking Workspace

Conversations (Voice Channel)

Business Context

What You Achieve with the FSI Integrations API

FSI Integrations API allows FSEC to connect directly to financial institutions (banks and credit unions) cores, retrieving customers' crucial information required in order to provide excellent customer service by agents and automated tools.

Business Problems the FSI Integrations API Solves

Financial services agents use between 12 and 20 different platforms/screens in order to access a customer's information during a call. Through simultaneous access to the customer's data (like demographics, accounts, payments, and cards), the FSI API Integrations API, via FSEC, displays all this information in one place.

What this API doesn't Support

Currently, the FSI Integrations API supports the ability to fetch contact details as well as accounts, payments, transactions, and cards. Talkdesk plans to have more features in this API like travel notifications.


Use Case

As a real-life example, consider the case where an agent is using the Conversation App with the FSEC configured. The Client 360 tab allows the agent to see the financial data of the customer who is calling. The Payments tab allows searching, filtering, and inspecting each payment thoroughly (the Client 360 tab and the Payments tab are at the same level).

When the agent is logged into the Talkdesk Workspace, within an account that has these tabs configured and has its status as available, after answering the call, will have a contact_id collected by the IVR. This identifies the FSI person making the call. The FSI Integrations API is responsible for fetching all the information, through FSEC, based on the contact_id parameter. The information will be displayed in the respective tabs. If the contact_id parameter is wrong or mismatched, Talkdesk provides the ability to search for the respective contact given some information like the person's name or date of birth. After confirming the contact, the agent will be able to see all the financial information about this person.


Access and Registration




Supported Regions and Base URLs


API Availability

The FSI Integrations API is only available for customers enrolled in Talkdesk's Early Access (EA) program.
To enter the EA program, contact a Customer Success Manager.

The FSI Integrations API has been in EA since December 2022.


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