Connections Flows

You can only follow these steps if you have Connections Flows installed. Connection Flows is available in EA upon request. If you believe it aligns with your use case, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Talkdesk Connections™ Flows is a tool that allows you to address more complex use cases using custom integrations built with Connections. Unlike Automations, which executes a single action, Connections Flows enables you to chain multiple actions, incorporate loops, and manipulate data using JavaScript functions. It also maps Talkdesk agents with users from an external system, allowing Automations to trigger user-specific actions within custom Connections integrations.


Connections Flow

A Connections Flow is a new type of flow that works with integrations, particularly custom-built ones using Connections. It extends Connections' capabilities, such as enabling Agent Sync in Integrations.

Connections Flows List

Within the Connections Flows app (accessible from Talkdesk Builder™ > Connections Flows), you can create, edit, and view existing Connections Flows (Figure 1). The Connections Flows app also provides information about the flows, including version status.

Figure 1 - Connections Flow list

Figure 1 - Connections Flow list


A Component represents a step within a flow. Each component defines a specific action, collectively determining the flow's functionality.


A Trigger is a flow node that determines the event that initiates a specific Connections Flow.


  • Connections Flows is available in EA upon request. If you believe it aligns with your use case, please contact your CSM.
  • To use Connections Flows, you must have already created the integrations using Connections, along with the Actions intended to be triggered within your flow.


  • Connections Flows has no specific time limit. However, it is imperative to avoid constructing flows that result in deadlocks or infinite loops. If a flow has been running for more than a day, Talkdesk may cancel it to ensure system functioning.
  • Connections Flows support only one trigger, which runs your flow every day at 5:00 AM UTC.



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