Downloading a Report File


The Reporting API has been replaced by the Explore API. Talkdesk strongly encourages the transition to the Explore API. You may still use the Reporting API, but please note:

  • Talkdesk will only provide support (no SLA for bug fixing or outage recovery) until June 1, 2022.
  • The Reporting API endpoint will stop responding to requests on December 1, 2022.


Make a GETrequest to /reports/<report_type>/files/{id}

A generated report can be downloaded several times after generation by using its canonical URL.

This creates a signed URL on Amazon S3 which can be used to download the file. The URL will only be valid for a short period of time, so if there’s a need to re-download a report, you must make a new request to this endpoint.


Report Resource URL

The URL of the report can be retrieved by using the response of the initial job request call.

Sample Response

  • A 302 redirect response to an Amazon S3 link is returned.
  • If the HTTP client automatically follows redirects, the report will start downloading. Otherwise, issue aGET request to the signed Amazon S3 URL specified in the location HTTP header to download.
  "total": 2,
  "type": "calls",
  "version": "v1",
  "entries": [
      "call_id": "1298adc-34ddad-432525-da3fd",
      "callsid": "CA8699f82076ebfe864da32e681aefd1ba",
      "type": "inbound",
      "start_at": "2016-01-29 10:22:02",
      "end_at": "2016-01-29 10:22:14",
      "talkdesk_phone_number": "+18443265295",
      "talkdesk_phone_display_name": "support",
      "contact_phone_number": "+17207081229",
      "user_id": "asdf1492daf3xa32423",
      "user_name":"Alice Eve",
      "user_email": "[email protected]",
      "total_time": 12,
      "talk_time": 10,
      "wait_time": 2,
      "hold_time": 0,
      "agent_speed_to_answer_time": 2,
      "disposition_code": "Not Interested",
      "notes": "They were not interested",
      "agent_voice_rating": 2,
      "ring_groups": "Product Support",
      "ivr_options": "1,2,1",
      "is_in_business_hours": true,
      "is_callback_from_queue": null,
      "is_transfer": true,
      "is_external": false,
      "handling_user_name": "Mark Jones",
      "handling_user_id": "asdf1492daf3xa32424",
      "handling_user_email": "[email protected]",
      "recording_url": "/recordings/cads13d23123asdfa413"
      "call_id": "1298adc-34ddad-432525-da3fd343",
      "callsid": "CA8699f82076ebfe864da32e681aefd1bc",
      "type": "abandoned",
      "start_at": "2016-01-29 10:22:02",
      "end_at": "2016-01-29 10:22:04",
      "talkdesk_phone_number": "+18443265295",
      "talkdesk_phone_display_name": "support",
      "contact_phone_number": "+17207081229",
      "user_id": null,
      "user_name": null,
      "user_email": null,
      "total_time": 2,
      "talk_time": 0,
      "wait_time": 2,
      "hold_time": 0,
      "agent_speed_to_answer_time": 0,
      "disposition_code": null,
      "notes": null,
      "agent_voice_rating": null,
      "ring_groups": "Product Support",
      "ivr_options": "-1",
      "is_in_business_hours": true,
      "is_callback_from_queue": null,
      "is_transfer": false,
      "is_external": false,
      "handling_user_name": null,
      "handling_user_id": null,
      "handling_user_email": null,
      "recording_url": "/recordings/cads13d23123asdfa413a"


Report Retention Policy

Reports will be available in Talkdesk for 90 days.


If you have questions or technical issues, please open a ticket using this form.