New Talkdesk APIs: March 2023

Hello Builders,

Talkdesk launched two new public APIs in March:

  • Fallback Experience API (General Availability) - the Fallback Experience API is a Talkdesk Studio Continuity Settings solution. The Fallback Experience API allows the contact center admin to define the behavior that inbound calls must have when faced with an event that seriously compromises the contact center's capacity for handling inbound calls (such as an outage, for example).
  • Webhook Trigger API (General Availability) - allows the connection between Microsoft Power Automate™ and Talkdesk® by creating a new custom integration powered by Talkdesk Connections™.
  • Bulk Import API (General Availability) - allows creating and updating agents' settings by uploading a CSV file. In addition, previous agents' settings uploads can be checked for their status, including errors and completion.
  • Retail Experience Cloud - ERC E-commerce Integration (Early Access) - the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud™ is a retail-focused customer service experience that provides ‌a contact center agent a set of Talkdesk Workspace™ tabs with information about the customers. These tabs allow checking information about online order delivery, and products, among others. A core part of the Retail Experience Cloud is available in Workspace, specifically in the Talkdesk Conversations App. The Retail Experience Cloud - Retail E-commerce Integration with Shopify allows retrieving all the necessary e-commerce data from the Shopify platform, displaying it in the Talkdesk context.
  • Scheduled Callback Management API (Early Access) - allows retrieving, modifying, and canceling the callbacks that are scheduled by agents when on call. This API can also be used to integrate with external and CRM services.

The launch of these public APIs is part of Talkdesk's identity as an API-first company. This means that Talkdesk follows a software development strategy that is focused on allowing our partners and customers to integrate with our systems in a customized, easy, and flexible way. Talkdesk APIs are a key element in this approach. That's why Talkdesk is always working towards increasing the number of the Talkdesk API's public endpoints.

But we want to hear from you! If you have any business needs that would be covered by using an API, please let us know.

See you soon!

The Talkdesk Platform Team