Introducing Blueprints

Hello Builders,

The highlight of this week goes to our new Blueprints documentation sections. A blueprint is a set of instructions that guide the creation or modification of a system or a product. So there you go, one more documentation section to help you make the most of your Talkdesk experience!

We have blueprints for our self-service products. We started with Talkdesk Workspace Designer™ and Talkdesk Connections™ (but we will be adding more as we go):

The Blueprints documentation section fits into Talkdesk's overall strategy for continuing to be a leader in customer experience by:

  • Helping our partners and customers be even more autonomous in integrating with our systems.
  • Making the customer experience more personalized, by allowing partners and customers to use our self-service products in the most customized way possible.

This is another step towards making our documentation more reader-focused, engaging, and helpful, which is and will always be our ultimate goal.

But we want to hear from you! If you have any new doubts about one of our self-service products and you think a blueprint would help, please let us know.

See you soon!

The Talkdesk Platform Team