Welcome to the Talkdesk Developers Blog

Hello Builders,

Talkdesk Developers is a new blog that will bring you news, blueprints, and tips regarding the usage of some of our self-service products (Partner Project, Connections, Workspace Designer, etc.) and also about our public APIs.

We will keep you posted about not only the launch of new products you can use autonomously to enhance your contact center experience, but also about the newest public APIs you can use to integrate with the Talkdesk systems.

It’s a blog made by developers (and not only!), for developers. And because sharing goes both ways, we deeply encourage you not only to stay tuned but also to send us your feedback. For this, you can go to Discussions and open a thread, or reach out to us.

Please stay tuned, we will have new articles very often that will help you with your work and with your customers!

The Talkdesk Platform Team,