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Getting Agent ID for a audio recieved via Talkdesk Conversation Orchestrator

Receiving a uni-directional stream from the conversation orchestrator omits Agent ID. How do I get an Agent ID to match this stream? Thanks Sam

How to assign digital-connect:write to OAuth client

The Digital Connect API to start a conversation in this link [link](https://docs.talkdesk.com/reference/start-conversation) says that the OAuth client needs to have scope **digital-connect:write**. However, the scope **digital-connect:write** is not an option in the Builder tool when configuring the OAuth credential.

Conversation Stream API documentation Link?

The conversation Stream link no longer works. I get a 404. https://docs.talkdesk.com/docs/conversation-streams-api Has the name or location been changed? Thanks.

Get call id via API

Is there a method to get all my calls and de {call_id} to use it in https://api.talkdeskapp.com/calls/{call_id}/recordings? Actually I cannot use it because I cannot see an endpoint to get all my calls id Thanks you!!!

Update contacts via API

Is there a method to update my contacts data via API? I am using https://api.talkdeskapp.com/contacts/{contact_id} but I can only delete them Thanks you!!

To create developler account to access api

how to create developer account to access Talkdesk API Please suggest me or given me link

Client Credentials authorisation not working

I've received the JSON file generated by Builder for Client Credentials based auth, however upon following the documentation, neither the JWT nor Basic flow works. I've confirmed that the client is set up correctly (i.e. Client credentials is selected on the Builder App). Are there any other steps needed to successfully authorise using the builder-generated app, or should it just work following generation of the app?

Query Parameters in tel links

Hey, We are using tel links (tel://phoneNumber?key=value) to interact with the TalkDesk Dialer. We are passing query parameters as well, are we able to use these parameters later in TalkDesk? Especially with custom integration we would like to build.

How to build customized web chat front-end

We would like to add a chat to the customers webpage but not with the default webchat front-end. We are looking for documentation how we can talk to the API handling the chat messages from the webpage to the studioflow en eventually to the agent.

Transcription Character Limit

I am using a POST Interaction integration and posting transcriptions to an external API. We are noticing that there is a 10K character limitation. We have tested the API with 20k and no issue so assume this is a limitation on the TalkDesk side. Trying to confirm if this is an existing limitation and if there are any existing work arounds/resolutions to bypass the character limitation?