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Calls API to fetch all calls

HI, I tried by calling the api https://api.talkdeskapp.com/data/reports/calls/jobs to get all the calls information, but I am receiving no records with count 0. By the way, I tried it by valid bearer token from postman.

Where can I get an API token?

I've looked all over but I can't find an option in my dev account to generate an API token. I want an API token to be able to retrieve information from my dev account to start developing my app. Do I have to reach out to support every time I want to generate a token? Can someone help me?

API Rate Limits

I can only find info about API rate limits / quotas in the developer docs in relation to reporting endpoints. Are there any rate limits imposed on the other available endpoints?

How can I become a Partner?

I'm interested in becoming an AppConnect Partner. Can someone guide me through the process? What do I need to do first?

Request limit rate - phone calls / phone call recordings API

Hi, I'd like to know if there is a request limit on phone calls / phone call recording APIs, and additionally, if API calls cost money.

Can't install my Dev App using the installation link generated. Any help?

I've installed the app through the provided link but the App is stuck on "installing" for a week and then it gives an error message. I don't understand why this is happening. Should I ask for a new link?

Http notifier for recordings upload

Hi, I need a way to tell when my recordings are uploaded to storage. I've noticed that there is no option for this in the HTTP notifier. On the other hand, I've seen an option for "interaction transcription is available". I'm guessing that this webhook is triggered after the recordings have been uploaded to storage. Is every phone call being transcripted? Could I use this as an indicator of when a certain phone call had its recording uploaded?

Webhook authentication

Hi, I'd like to add authentication (OAuth2) to my HTTP notifier, is that possible?

Tell if any of my recordings/data has been deleted

Is there a way to tell if any of my data/recordings were deleted (due to retention policies, or any other way)?

How to build customized web chat front-end

We would like to add a chat to the customers webpage but not with the default webchat front-end. We are looking for documentation how we can talk to the API handling the chat messages from the webpage to the studioflow en eventually to the agent.