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How To Assign / Remove Ring Groups To / From A User Through TalkDesk API?

Good day Dev Teams!

I went through this a while back, and I know that officially this feature is not supported by the current TD API. We can only read Ring Groups.

However, when going through the TalkDesk Web Admin, through the option Admin -> Agents WebUI, and when configuring a certain Agent's Ring Groups, we can see the WebUI using an API Call to setup the Ring Groups for that specific Agent.


Where "626ff953ed94fc63bf949843" is the UserID in this case.
As an example, for the Ring Groups "agents" and "test", we can see these parameters being passed to the API:

{"ring_groups": [ "agents", "test"]}

My question is: how can this be used through the API and from the programming perspective?
Is it possible to get this done?

P.S.: I have created an IDEA (feature request) about this feature during the last year, but I cannot see it in the Ideas list anymore... 😞

Thank you!

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